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Roller shades, Wooden shutters, motorized shades, blinds.


Exterior awnings, security/storm shutters, motorized shades.


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Why Cortina Shading Systems?

I have been delinquent in not doing this sooner, but Betty and I want to thank you and your team for the motorized awning that Cortina installed at our home earlier this year. We have thoroughly enjoyed it and it has worked
perfectly. Before that, our cabana was essentially unusable from about 3 pm until sunset. But the awning has allowed us to recapture this space and enjoy it as it was intended.

Thank you so much!


Window shades including motorized shades, roller shades, retractable awnings, plantation shutters, sun shades, screened porches and other window treatments serving Texas

San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston and shipping nationally.

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